About Us


Welcome to Solution Ace Software Quality Assurance Group (SASQAG)

The System Ace Software Quality Assurance Group (SASQAG) is a one-of-a-kind educational and knowledge-sharing entity focused on providing honest, unbiased reviews of computer software available in the market for quality assurance.

Established many years ago, SASQAG is a repository of vital information about the software market. Members can share knowledge and find tips and guides based on thorough testing and personal experience.

Here, we promote diversity among members and encourage them to have educational and knowledge-impacting discussions themselves while we continue to work on providing an ideal environment to support them. We’ve got a long list of excellent writers, editors, and content creators who take it upon themselves to generate valuable, authentic content for our readers’ and members’ enjoyment and satisfaction.

Our activities and services promote and support the acquisition of certification, notably CSTE and CQA. We share knowledge of software standards and processes while also offering top-notch, in-depth SQA education through classes and lectures. Through the SASQAG School of Software Quality Assurance, we aim to produce the next generation of SQA specialists to ensure that quality gets served all the time in the software market.

At SASQAG, membership is open to all seasoned and aspiring software quality professionals interested in sharing knowledge and improving software processes and products’ quality. We provide an avenue for and encourage every member to share their knowledge and experiences on software processes and quality assurance for everyone’s benefit. Our culture is a bare-it-all type that doesn’t support information hoarding.