Our Services

At SASQAG, we render several software quality assurance solutions and services, ranging from product reviews to digital assurance services to advisory services.

Product Reviews

At SASQAG, one of our core areas of specialty is product reviews. We’ve got highly competent product reviewers that provide detailed, accurate, and unbiased reviews of several computer-related software in the market. Products get categorized into various groups to ensure that you’re able to access information as quickly as possible.

They include cars, cameras, media streaming devices, Virtual Reality, drones, smart homes, laptops, gaming, etc. Reading our product reviews helps you make informed and accurate software procurement decisions, such that you can always take pride in your purchases.

Educational Services

In furthering our vision to build the next generation of software quality professionals in Seattle and beyond, we render educational services to interested members through the SASQAG School of Software Quality Assurance. The institution offers courses that support the acquisition of various shades of certification in software quality assurance.

Our educational institution supports certifications like the QAI Certified Analyst Exam presented by the QAI and co-sponsored by our organization. We also help foster the acquisition of the Certified Software Quality Engineer (CSQE) offered by the American Society for Quality, Certified Quality Analyst (CQA), Certified Software Test Engineer (CSTE), and Certified Software Process Improvement Practitioner (CSPIP), all offered by the Quality Assurance Institute.

Digital Quality Assurance Services

SASQAG offers independent and comprehensive quality engineering and various software testing services to aid the next generation of digital solutions ventures and enterprises. Our able team of highly skilled quality assurance professionals possesses the requisite knowledge and experience to proffer viable solutions to the numerous challenges bedeviling enterprises in the digital transformation sector.

We’ve got the best software testing methodologies and applications you can ever find, including world-class testing labs, to fulfill our promise of providing excellent quality and digital assurance. Our software testing specialists work round-the-clock to help you get more out of your designed products, especially in terms of ROI.

Advisory Services

Are you interested in reducing the redundancy in your processes, learn about the quality assurance sector, and maximize the use of resources in your organization? SASQAG’s advisory services teams comprise individuals that are well-versed in this aspect, as they offer viable, strategic, and independent perspectives on how to solve complex enterprise challenges.

Our advisory services professionals help your enterprise achieve sustained business growth, ever-increasing ROI, and the formulation of practical to-marker strategies. They offer innovative business and technology expertise to provide IT solutions based on models and priorities to enhance your organization’s competitive advantage.

The editorial team provides top-notch, high-quality articles and content full of tips and guidelines regularly to keep you informed on the industry’s best practices.