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Jones is the brain behind the software engineering component of the organization. He brings on board all engineering expertise to ensure the site and all the programs have a professional outlook.

The graduate in software engineering takes pride in success in various organizations. Moreover, he has many awards in his name due to his exemplary service in software engineering.

He is passionate about technology and wants to ensure that any application that gets to the market is solution-based.

He has worked as a software Engineer with Media Max, a Google-affiliated organization that provides software engineering courses to start-ups.

The five years of experience and challenges in the digital business environment were an eye-opener to his career. Jones Gun is a household name in software engineering circles.

Jones Gun

- Lead software engineer -

Any software engineering company requires a software developer to test the functioning of the applications. That’s the role of Jerry Martin in this organization. He looks for logical errors in any software based on its mandate.

The Bachelors’s holder in Computer science and several software development courses take pride in automated services and integrations of software to different systems.

As they say, charity begins at home; the vibrant software that runs the organization is the work of his hands. He holds several awards in the best software developer.

He also offers consultancy services to several software organizations, for he is the who-is-who in the software development market.

Anyone in the organization that wants to pursue software development has been the motivator and encourager. Even if that’s not directly your line, he is always free and open to provide reliable and factual information to aid you in the field.

He has worked in the organization for three years, and he attests to the fact that this is what has groomed him to be who he is and has no regrets as an employer. He has developed many applications that gain entry to the global market with numerous positive reviews.

Jerry Martin

- Software developer -


Software quality and standards assurance is the department that differentiates quality vs. quantity. Having many software applications is not an indicator of success, but the quality and the solutions they offer in the digital market is the determining factor.

Bishop plays a supervisory role in the quality and standards assurance of every application originating from the company. He goes a step further to evaluate from a third-party point of view through research and fieldwork.

The department helps maintain high standards of any application within the organization. The Diploma Holder in Strategic management and a certificate holder in software development acts as a complete package from all professional assurance standards measures.

She understands the software market’s policies and integrates them in his line of duty for that perfect outfit in the department. She believes in team play and encompasses every employee to be their best despite the corrections.

She is one person who takes courage to call what is wrong, wrong and what is right, right. Do you know she has once rubbed off a whole app despite the considerable investment the developer and time he took to make it out in the market?

Mary Bishop

- Analysist -

Are you interested in the dynamic market of software development? Are you an upcoming software engineer or web developer? If any of this defines you, then at Seattle Software Quality Assurance, we have a training session that targets specific areas of interest to jumpstart your software development career.

Juliette Marion is the training executive. The Postgraduate Diploma in Education- software development option and a computer science graduate brings on board vast software development knowledge for the modern market.

She understands the new trends in the market, including the latest programming languages in software development. As a trainer, she is also a student in various online classes to match the market’s emerging trends.

All employees pass through her hands to ensure they understand the company policy and follow the laid-down guidelines and protocols to reach the ultimate goal. 

Juliette Marion

- Software training Executive -

All your content on the organization’s website is in the very able hands of Walter Bright. Walter is a Bachelor of Education graduate with a specialization in English and Literature.

He takes pride in the grasp of the English content and high-end research skills, which he uses to capture your attention through words.

His graphics passion is also an added advantage to his writing ability, for he comes on board as a complete package. The 24 years old is passionate about writing and can provide content on any niche.

Walter Bright

- Writer -

When looking for a feminine touch in content for the company, the household name is Shirleen Cox. Shirleen is a high school diploma graduate and loves the English language.

The technical terms in software development are simplified using her simple yet authoritative English language.

She aspires to pursue software engineering to be an added advantage to the company. Her excellent interpersonal skills are seen in the correct use of polite language to point even when it requires a harsh tone.

Shirleen Cox

- Content Manager and Editor -